Signature Pro-Pit

Our most popular hunting pit is the Pro-Pit Signature water fowl blind featuring walk down design for entering the pit and easy access for your hunting dog. This product is built with the same standards and features as the Pro-Pit.


Our Pro-Pit hunting pit offers the most diverse options on the market today. Our steel constructed pit allows you to change the size to meet your needs. The standard open top design allows for many types of lids to be adapted to your style of hunting. Over-Size design offers more space for that extra hunter, and extra storage space can be found under the full length bench.

Removable Pro-Pit

The Pro-Pit Removable water fowl blind is a bottomless pit which can be pulled up and moved wherever and whenever hunting conditions change. Lifting rings are located on all four corners for lifting.


The 10ft LTL Shippable Pro-Pit water fowl blind is designed to ship anywhere in the Lower 48 States in a Semi-Trailer. Fully customizable, you can add steps, dog boxes or connect two blinds together to create a 20ft blind.


  • Our hunters love these pits! These pits offer lots of extra room for an extra hunter and storage for all of our hunting gear. Great Price with Fast Delivery, Thanks!
    Goose Loch, Lisco, Nebraska


  • Hunting Pits Unlimited manufactures the best pits we have ever used. With their custom options we were able to have a pit designed for our needs at an affordable price. Our hunters are always pleased with the extra storage space and leg room. The steel construction and excellent craftsmanship is sure to last for many hunting seasons to come.
    Britt, B-TOB Hunting, Nebraska
  • We have three Signature Pro-Pits and we’ll never change to another company. Hunting Pits Unlimited added a custom cooking area that is great for early morning hunts and our hunters enjoy the added leg room.
    Prime Hunts, Missouri